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10 Tips for Avoiding Dry Sockets After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Have you ever experienced dry sockets after a wisdom tooth removal procedure? Have you recently got your wisdom teeth taken out and you want to... [Read More]

Oral and Facial Surgery in Atlanta: Why Trust Our Oral Surgeons?

The dreaded wisdom teeth removal, dental implant surgery, bone grafting….it all sounds pretty scary, and the truth is it’s no joke. Viral videos of loopy... [Read More]

Do You Have a Sore Throat After a Tooth Extraction?

Are you experiencing a sore throat after a tooth extraction? At Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta, we understand. While unfortunately painful and uncomfortable, this is... [Read More]

Why Would I Have My Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removed If I Feel Fine?

We’ve all been there. “But Doc! Really. I feel fine! Are you sure I need my wisdom teeth removed? My wisdom teeth haven’t even come... [Read More]

Why get wisdom teeth extracted? [Infographic]

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Ever Wonder Who Should Pull Your Wisdom Teeth?

For simple wisdom tooth extraction, the best option is a qualified oral surgeon So you have a wisdom tooth that is causing pain or swelling... [Read More]

The Maló Method (All-on-4® Dental Implants)

First, take a full arch of teeth. Then secure them to the upper or lower jaw at four anchor points. Now, you’ve got the All-on-4®... [Read More]