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Dr. Andrew Aiken
Dr. Drew Shessel

Opiate Reduction Strategies

Dr. Andrew Aiken
Dr. Drew Shessel

At Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta, we prioritize not only the successful outcome of surgical procedures but also the long-term well-being and comfort of our patients. In alignment with evolving medical practices and the growing concern over opioid misuse and addiction, we are steadfastly committed to minimizing opioid usage following oral surgery procedures. Our approach emphasizes alternative pain management strategies and comprehensive patient education to ensure a safe and comfortable recovery process.

1. Personalized Pain Management Plans

We recognize that each patient’s pain tolerance and recovery process are unique. Prior to any surgical treatment, our doctors conduct a thorough consultation to understand each patient’s individual needs and preferences. By tailoring pain management plans to specific requirements, we aim to optimize postoperative comfort while minimizing the need for opioid medications.

2. Embracing Multimodal Pain Management

Our practice embraces a multimodal approach to pain management, integrating various techniques and medications to address discomfort effectively. Non-opioid analgesics, such as NSAIDs and acetaminophen, play a central role in our postoperative protocols, providing effective pain relief without the risks associated with opioid medications. Additionally, we utilize local anesthesia techniques and nerve blocks during surgery to minimize immediate postoperative pain.

We offer optional long-acting local anesthetics such as EXPAREL®, which can offer enhanced pain relief for up to 3-4 days following surgery where appropriate. Learn more about EXPAREL®.

And finally, we offer opioid-free healing products from StellaLife® including VEGA Peppermint Gel and VEGA Peppermint Rinse. These are natural products formulated to relieve pain, fight bacteria, and accelerate healing.

3. Ongoing Monitoring and Support

Our commitment to opioid reduction extends beyond the operating room. We maintain regular communication with patients during the postoperative period to monitor pain levels and adjust treatment plans as needed. Our doctors remain readily accessible to address any unexpected discomfort or challenges, offering guidance and support to promote a smooth recovery experience.

4. Collaboration with Healthcare Partners

We are happy to collaborate with primary care providers and other healthcare professionals to promote a holistic approach to pain management. By fostering open dialogue and sharing best practices, we contribute to a unified effort to reduce opioid reliance and improve patient outcomes across healthcare settings (thereby minimizing painkillers after oral surgery procedures).

At Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta, we are dedicated to advancing patient care through responsible pain management practices. By prioritizing opioid reduction strategies and embracing alternative approaches to pain control, we strive to enhance the safety, comfort, and overall satisfaction of our patients undergoing oral surgery procedures.

For more information about our commitment to opioid reduction (minimizing painkillers after oral surgery) or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.