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Pre- & Post-Op Dental Surgery Instructions

In addition to finding the most qualified professional to perform your procedure, following all instructions before and after surgery is key to ensuring optimal results and a quick, comfortable recovery. The team members at Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta prioritize your comfort and safety, which is why we provide each of our patients with specific instructions for both pre- and post-operative care. Following the steps outlined in these instructions will help you prepare yourself before surgery, as well as prepare for what to expect after your treatment is over.

Typically, patients will receive general pre-operative instructions, with guidelines regarding what steps to take before coming in for their procedure. Additionally, patients will receive post-operative instructions that are specific to their procedure, whether they had an extraction or bone graft and dental implant procedure. It’s vital that you read and understand these instructions BEFORE undergoing treatment so you can have any questions answered by the doctor before undergoing any sedation. We encourage you to contact our office if you have read any of the instructions below and do not understand them.