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Dr. Andrew Aiken
Dr. Drew Shessel

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Dr. Andrew Aiken
Dr. Drew Shessel

Welcome to Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta, where your oral health is our foremost concern. Guided expertly by Drs. Aiken and Shessel, and their committed team, we specialize in providing superior care in the field of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery.

Dr. Andrew Aiken
Dr. Drew Shessel

Understanding Tooth Replacement Options

Patients looking for solutions to missing teeth often consider dentures as a viable option. These artificial replacements, designed to fill the gaps left by missing teeth, come in two forms: partial and complete dentures. The journey to a comfortable and proper fit begins with a comprehensive preparation of the mouth, highlighting the significance of a well-fitted prosthesis.

Preparing the Mouth for Dentures

Before proceeding with the creation of a removable dental prosthesis, it’s crucial to ensure that the patient’s mouth is ready and able to support the new addition comfortably. This preparatory phase is essential in preventing discomfort and complications that can result from an improperly fitted prosthesis.

Addressing the Challenge of Jaw Bone Compatibility

A common question among patients is why their jaw bone does not naturally accommodate the prosthesis. In some cases, the shape of the bony ridge may not be suitable for holding the denture in place. This lack of compatibility can interfere with basic functions, such as chewing, making the experience uncomfortable or painful. Ensuring the bony ridge is adequately shaped and sized is fundamental for the proper fit and function of dentures.

Dr. Andrew Aiken
Dr. Drew Shessel

The Role of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

For patients whose bony ridges are not naturally conducive to holding dentures, pre-prosthetic surgery offers a solution. Performed by professionals like Drs. Aiken and Shessel, this surgery aims to contour the bone, facilitating a better fit for the dental prosthesis. Various procedures may be involved in this process, tailored to meet the individual needs of the patient’s mouth.

Common Pre-Prosthetic Procedures

Pre-prosthetic surgery may involve several types of procedures, including:

  • Smoothing or reshaping the jaw bone
  • Removal of excess gum tissue or bone
  • Reduction of the alveolar ridge size
  • Exposure of impacted teeth

These interventions are designed to prepare the mouth for a denture, ensuring a comfortable and stable fit.

Dr. Andrew Aiken
Dr. Drew Shessel

Ensuring Patient Comfort and Informed Decisions

At Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta, patient comfort and informed decision-making are top priorities. The skilled surgical and office staff strive to provide a comprehensive overview of treatment options, including long-term solutions like dental implants. These alternatives are presented to help patients achieve the best possible functional and aesthetic outcomes for their mouths. And our dentists are trained to use hospital-level anesthesia to make sure you’re comfortable during the appointment(s).

For those interested in exploring more advanced solutions, such as dental implants, additional resources and information are readily available to aid in the decision-making process.

Exploring Dental Implants as an Alternative

While many opt for dentures, dental implants represent a long-term solution for tooth replacement, offering improved function and aesthetics. Patients interested in this option are encouraged to seek further information to understand the benefits and procedures involved.

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