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Teeth can be recommended for removal for a variety of reasons; most commonly, teeth must be extracted because they are too damaged to repair and/or because they are causing problems for your other teeth. In younger patients, teeth are often removed because they are causing dental crowding. Additionally, dental extractions are required when a tooth is severely damaged and a dentist is unable to fix it through a filling, crown, or root canal therapy. Teeth can be damaged by infection, disease, decay, or even a facial trauma injury. Regardless of the cause, oral surgeons are the most qualified professionals to remove teeth.

Patients often come into our office nervous about having teeth extracted because they don't want to be missing teeth. Missing teeth can negatively affect your ability to eat and smile, which is why when you visit our office for an extraction, our doctors will discuss with you your options for tooth replacement, if applicable. Many past patients have visited our office worried about losing teeth, but have left our office with a smile on their face, completely unable to tell they even had a dental extraction. If you're interested in hearing more about past dental extraction patients' treatment, we encourage you to watch the videos below.


Woody Had Extractions, Bone Grafting, and Received Dental Implants

I had a toothache like I've never had before. The pain was just so great that we ended up finding that there was actually a crack in the tooth. Dr. Shessel was absolutely wonderful, because actually when I saw him, I was in dire pain, and I think he actually worked me in because it was kind of an emergency — for me anyway. He was able to take the tooth out and put the bone graf....



Pam Replaced Her Extracted Teeth With Dental Implants

I had two different implants and extractions. The staff is very sweet and very competent. Dr. Aiken has a very pleasant demeanor. He's very smart, and he can explain things in clear terms, and he also let me listen to music last time during the surgery. They went fine; I had no trouble. Of course, used ice on my face for a couple of days, but I wasn't ever in any pain. I would ....



Rossi Had a Tooth Extraction

Hi, my name is Rossi. I came to see Dr. Aiken because I needed an extraction. I had met Dr. Aiken in church and discovered that he was an oral surgeon. At the time, I didn't know that I was going to need one but about a month later found out that I needed to have a tooth extracted and immediately thought of him because he had impressed me, not only with his friendliness but his....



Cheryl’s Tooth Extraction

I needed an extraction of a baby tooth. Dr. Aiken recommended that I have the extraction of the baby tooth, and from there, he made a flipper tooth so that I wouldn't be without a tooth in my mouth. Dr. Aiken is very friendly. He greeted me every time I came to his office. He made me feel relaxed. He explained it from the beginning to the very end and made me feel very comforta....



Charles Had a Dental Extraction

My name is Charles Lyon, and I live in the city of Atlanta, and I was referred to Dr. Aiken from my own dentist, Dr. Hackman, because I had a huge abscess on the side of my mouth, and when the dentist looks at it, he says, "I'm sending you to the oral surgeon," and that's how I met Dr. Aiken. My situation was very complicated because the tooth was up in the back on the right si....


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