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At Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta, we receive a lot of our patients through referrals from local dentists, orthodontists, and other dental professionals. Visits to the dentist are much more common than visits to an oral surgery office, and many patients don't realize they need to see an oral surgeon until their dental professional recommends it based on a discovery they make during a routine checkup. We are lucky to have so many professionals refer to our office and enjoy the opportunity to work with these doctors to find comprehensive solutions to their patients' problems.

It says a lot that these professionals are willing to trust us to treat their patients properly and provide them with the best quality care, knowing that we will care for their patients the same way that they would if they could. If you are interested to hear more about what procedures these professionals refer their patients for, or you'd like to know exactly why they love sending their patients to our office, you can watch their testimonials below. You can even hear from these doctors the positive feedback they receive from their patients after they have visited our office and undergone treatment.


Dr. Truan Refers Patients for Oral Surgery

Dr. Aiken and Dr. Shessel — both of them are just absolutely amazing clinicians, specialists. Not only are they super talented, the communication is actually one thing that I appreciate. And not just communication back to me or our office but also to the patients. Dr. Aiken — just super nice, super friendly guy, and he's just really accommodating with his time. Dr. Shessel — th....



Dr. Resuta Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Hi, I'm Dr. Timothy Resuta. I've been practicing dentistry for 20 years. I've been in Atlanta practicing for about 11 years, and that whole time I've been working with Dr. Berry and Dr. Aiken, and they're outstanding oral surgeons. My practice is a restorative practice. It's truly based on cosmetics and aesthetics. So I'm in a study group with Dr. Aiken and Dr. Berry - The Path....



Dr. Shim Refers Patients for Oral Surgery

I feel it's very important for a specialist such as an oral surgeon to be an excellent communicator. I feel very confident with Dr. Aiken and company here. They do a great job with it, with professionalism, and taking care of my patients. I always like to get feedback from my patients when they come back, and I always get glowing reviews from this practice, and so I feel very c....



Dr. Friedman Refers Patients for Oral Surgery

So, at Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta, they take great care of our patients. We have a great relationship with this office. They are great about getting together to come up with a detailed treatment plan that we're both on board with. Dr. Aiken and Shessel are great. They really have a great bedside manner with patients and know how to really make them feel comfortable. Wh....



Dr. Tekin Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Hi, my name is Dr. Brock Tekin. I'm an Atlanta native, and I've been practicing here in Atlanta - hard to believe but - 19 years. I've been in this particular location since 2003 where I've been practicing alongside Dr. Aiken and Dr. Berry. We have a collaborative effort with mutual patients that we have referred back and forth specifically when it comes to restoring dental imp....



Dr. Arp Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Hello, I'm Dr. Charlie Arp. I have been practicing for 42 years. The total health of the patient is paramount. You have to consider what the patient's needs are not only dentally but health-wise and emotionally as well as aesthetically. So if I have a surgical need, my go-to team are Dr. Aiken and Dr. Berry. I have been working with this group for some 38 years. They have never....



Dr. Frist Refers Patients for Oral Surgery

I refer my patients to Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta because they provide top-notch care. When patients come back after they've seen the doctors, they have only great things to say. From the front desk to the doctors to the assistants, everyone is always really happy. There was a time where I had a patient that needed to be seen as an emergency Friday night, and Dr. Shess....



Dr. Piedad Refers Oral Surgery Patients

I'm Stacy Piedad; I'm a pediatric dentist here in Atlanta, Georgia. I've been practicing here for about nine years. We are blessed to have Dr. Aiken and Dr. Berry right down the hall from our office here in Atlanta. They are terrific oral surgeons. They are well trained; they have a great bedside manner. We refer to them frequently for wisdom teeth in our teenagers. Also, a lo....



Dr. Rathburn Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Hi, I'm Dr. Melissa Rathburn. I'm an orthodontist here in Atlanta, and I've been practicing for approximately 23 years. Dr. Berry and Dr. Aiken are very open to meeting with us when we're working on a case that might be very difficult, a case that requires not only an orthodontist but an oral surgeon that would provide their expertise for the case. We've been working with them ....



Dr. Robbins Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Hi, I'm Patrice Robbins. I'm a dentist in Atlanta, Georgia, and quality is really important to my practice. I feel very comfortable having my patients seen by Dr. Aiken and Dr. Berry. Patients always say they leave feeling very comfortable, and their experience here was very good and pretty painless for what they go through, and they're pretty pleased with their outcome. I usua....


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