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Seth RameshSeth Ramesh

I got my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Andrew Aiken. He was professional and the surgery went very smooth. Fantastic experience. The front desk staff and the his nurse assistant was super nice and made me feel comfortable. The entire process was done with an hour and I was back home quickly. I even had a follow-up call from the doctor couple of days later. Very Reasonable charge with an outstanding service. Highly recommended.

Aman BhimaniAman Bhimani

I really enjoyed my experience with Dr. Andrew Aiken and the entire team. Very professional and courteous and answered all my questions thoroughly. I was able to get a quick appointment for my initial consultation and then surgery the next day for my wisdom teeth.

Dr. Aiken was great, he made me feel very comfortable throughout the process leading up to and during the surgery. Mike helped me during pre-surgery and made sure I was good to go. Dr. Aiken also called me the day after the surgery to check on me, which was really nice. Overall, great place!


after going through a bad experience with another dental clinic with my wisdom tooth pain for over 2 weeks after Christmas, I heard about Dr Aiken and his team, I definitely recommend them, I would give them 10 ⭐️ if I could, each one of them know what they doing, super nice, friendly and make you feel comfortable and welcome as soon as you get there, Ladies on the front so helpful (Eunice super nice and friendly love her) Michael was so nice to explain what they were going to do and he explained each step on what I had to do at home, What can I say about Dr Aiken he is the best, he knows his job, even my family couldn’t believe my face never got swollen after 4 of my wisdom were taking out,usually people get bad experience on wisdom teeth removal well not me, I felt so comfortable in the whole procedure, everything went smooth, fast and I never felt pain, I still don’t feel pain like I thought I was going to be having, Not in need of pain medicine and is been my 3rd day, definitely coming back to get more stuff done Thank you so much for taking this pain away and giving me the best advice Dr Aiken ❤️

Erin ParchmentErin Parchment

I highly recommend Dr. Aiken and his entire team. I am such a baby when it comes to anything dental related, and if you are scared like me don’t be! You are in good hands here. I had 3 wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Aiken (I had one removed years ago and was too scared to get the rest taken out) and Dr Aiken and his dental assistant Sharon made this the easiest experience ever. Sharon was so calming and took time to talk with me. Dr. Aiken is very talented because I didn’t even realize my teeth had been removed, I was still waiting for the shots when he said he was finished. All of my concerns were addressed, they took great care of me. Dr. Aiken personally called me on the Saturday before Christmas on his cell to check one me. I’ve never had that kind of service from a dentist or dental surgeon. I also wanted to point out that there was little to no wait time, Tevin at the front desk was super professional and everyone made this a great experience. If you are looking for an oral surgeon, Dr. Aiken is the best you will not regret going here I promise!!

Barbara RegoBarbara Rego

I found Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta online while searching for a place to get my wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Aiken and the entire staff were all so welcoming and professional! They made sure I felt comfortable and were very detailed when explaining the entire process to me. Dr. Aiken even called to check in on me after my surgery. It was by far the best experience I could have asked for and I highly recommend Dr. Aiken!

Karen D.Karen D.

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Shessel. He was knowledgeable and caring. The support staff was efficient and professional. Oral surgery is never fun,... Read More

JaLorean G.JaLorean G.

This place is really better than 5 stars but that's all we are allowed to give. I called to schedule a consultation and was able to be seen within a couple... Read More

Alex A.Alex A.

I've had mixed emotions about these folks for a while.

I've seen Razook, Berry, and Benoit. Benoit did all the non surgical stuff, Razook did all three of... Read More

Dr. Shessel Removed Gaye’s Son’s Wisdom Teeth in Atlanta, GA

I brought my son in to have his wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Drew Shessel. Dr. Shessel walked us through the entire process prior to the procedure — just explained exactly what he was going to do and explained the entire recovery process — but I was never nervous before, and I certainly wasn't nervous after. I would highly recommend sending anybody to Oral Surgery Specialists ....

Dr. Shessel Placed Donna’s Dental Implant

I came to Dr. Shessel to have a dental implant. I was very nervous because I've had nothing wrong with my teeth, but he calmed me down. He's so gentle and so you weren't afraid to ask questions. He just has a wonderful demeanor. From the time he put even the implant in before they did the tooth, it just was comfortable. Dr. Shessel's wonderful. You could tell how well liked he ....


Jonathan’s Wisdom Teeth Removal in Atlanta, GA

The reason why I needed Dr. Aiken in Atlanta is because I had two wisdom teeth that were impacted. As soon as I came into his office, his staff was amazing. They were friendly and I just knew this place was the place for me. Having my procedure done with Dr. Aiken went very well. Dr. Aiken talked to me during the whole procedure. We laughed, and he's friendly, ....



Dr. Aiken Placed Melinda’s Dental Implants

I had two implants that failed. I was nervous. I just fear dentists. I fear just going to the dentist, and the way Dr. Aiken just makes you feel when you come here, and the staff is just amazing. He numbed my mouth. He actually went in — every five minutes, he was asking me, "Are you okay? How are you feeling?" Anytime you have great customer service, and you have the entire st....



Woody Had Extractions, Bone Grafting, and Received Dental Implants

I had a toothache like I've never had before. The pain was just so great that we ended up finding that there was actually a crack in the tooth. Dr. Shessel was absolutely wonderful, because actually when I saw him, I was in dire pain, and I think he actually worked me in because it was kind of an emergency — for me anyway. He was able to take the tooth out and put the bone graf....



Pam Replaced Her Extracted Teeth With Dental Implants

I had two different implants and extractions. The staff is very sweet and very competent. Dr. Aiken has a very pleasant demeanor. He's very smart, and he can explain things in clear terms, and he also let me listen to music last time during the surgery. They went fine; I had no trouble. Of course, used ice on my face for a couple of days, but I wasn't ever in any pain. I would ....



Dr. Truan Refers Patients for Oral Surgery

Dr. Aiken and Dr. Shessel — both of them are just absolutely amazing clinicians, specialists. Not only are they super talented, the communication is actually one thing that I appreciate. And not just communication back to me or our office but also to the patients. Dr. Aiken — just super nice, super friendly guy, and he's just really accommodating with his time. Dr. Shessel — th....



Cheryl’s Tooth Extraction

I needed an extraction of a baby tooth. Dr. Aiken recommended that I have the extraction of the baby tooth, and from there, he made a flipper tooth so that I wouldn't be without a tooth in my mouth. Dr. Aiken is very friendly. He greeted me every time I came to his office. He made me feel relaxed. He explained it from the beginning to the very end and made me feel very comforta....



Rossi Had a Tooth Extraction

Hi, my name is Rossi. I came to see Dr. Aiken because I needed an extraction. I had met Dr. Aiken in church and discovered that he was an oral surgeon. At the time, I didn't know that I was going to need one but about a month later found out that I needed to have a tooth extracted and immediately thought of him because he had impressed me, not only with his friendliness but his....



Zlatan Restored His Tooth With a Bone Graft and Dental Implant

A few years ago, I noticed some pain and discomfort in the right side of my face. The dentist said that I have an abscess, and he said that the most qualified person in the whole city to deal with that problem would be Dr. Aiken. My implant and my bone graft have completely healed, and definitely having the abscess fixed by Dr. Aiken and having the implant put in gives me a pea....



Dr. Resuta Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Hi, I'm Dr. Timothy Resuta. I've been practicing dentistry for 20 years. I've been in Atlanta practicing for about 11 years, and that whole time I've been working with Dr. Berry and Dr. Aiken, and they're outstanding oral surgeons. My practice is a restorative practice. It's truly based on cosmetics and aesthetics. So I'm in a study group with Dr. Aiken and Dr. Berry - The Path....



Dr. Shim Refers Patients for Oral Surgery

I feel it's very important for a specialist such as an oral surgeon to be an excellent communicator. I feel very confident with Dr. Aiken and company here. They do a great job with it, with professionalism, and taking care of my patients. I always like to get feedback from my patients when they come back, and I always get glowing reviews from this practice, and so I feel very c....



Dr. Friedman Refers Patients for Oral Surgery

So, at Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta, they take great care of our patients. We have a great relationship with this office. They are great about getting together to come up with a detailed treatment plan that we're both on board with. Dr. Aiken and Shessel are great. They really have a great bedside manner with patients and know how to really make them feel comfortable. Wh....



Joe’s Wisdom Teeth Removal

I had one wisdom teeth out when I was 16, and I had three in since then, obviously, and my regular dentist had told me for about 15 years I needed to get them out at some point. Dr. Aiken was great. He was very informative, he explained everything, very warm, and put me at ease, and did a great, great job when I came in. Oh, everybody's very, very professional, very cordial, an....



Dr. Arp Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Hello, I'm Dr. Charlie Arp. I have been practicing for 42 years. The total health of the patient is paramount. You have to consider what the patient's needs are not only dentally but health-wise and emotionally as well as aesthetically. So if I have a surgical need, my go-to team are Dr. Aiken and Dr. Berry. I have been working with this group for some 38 years. They have never....



Dr. Frist Refers Patients for Oral Surgery

I refer my patients to Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta because they provide top-notch care. When patients come back after they've seen the doctors, they have only great things to say. From the front desk to the doctors to the assistants, everyone is always really happy. There was a time where I had a patient that needed to be seen as an emergency Friday night, and Dr. Shess....



Dr. Shessel Removed Mike’s Wisdom Teeth

I was one of those rare people who actually had all of his wisdom teeth. They got to a point where I knew I was going to have to start extracting each of them, one at a time. So I got a referral to Dr. Shessel, went and saw him, and he just did a great job with it. It was very smooth, really spent a lot more time with me than I thought physicians these days normally do with the....



Rosemary Had Her Wisdom Teeth Removed in Atlanta, GA

Hi, I'm Rosemary, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and a couple of months ago, I was in the need of an oral surgeon, and from the recommendation of my local dentist and some of my friends, I came in to see Dr. Aiken to have all of my wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Aiken and his staff made it as painless as possible. He even went as far as to follow up with me and my ....



Candace Got Dental Implants in Atlanta GA

Hi, my name is Candace, and I see Dr. Aiken at Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta, GA. I came here because I had to get a tooth pulled because it broke. I hit something hard, and it broke. And then I had to get a dental implant, and I came to Dr. Aiken, and I've had a great experience. During my surgery, it was quicker than I thought it would be. He went in, p....



Dr. Rathburn Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Hi, I'm Dr. Melissa Rathburn. I'm an orthodontist here in Atlanta, and I've been practicing for approximately 23 years. Dr. Berry and Dr. Aiken are very open to meeting with us when we're working on a case that might be very difficult, a case that requires not only an orthodontist but an oral surgeon that would provide their expertise for the case. We've been working with them ....



Dr. Robbins Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Hi, I'm Patrice Robbins. I'm a dentist in Atlanta, Georgia, and quality is really important to my practice. I feel very comfortable having my patients seen by Dr. Aiken and Dr. Berry. Patients always say they leave feeling very comfortable, and their experience here was very good and pretty painless for what they go through, and they're pretty pleased with their outcome. I usua....



Deb Had Her Oral Pathology Treated

My name is Deb Ryan, and I'm from here in Atlanta, kind of close to the Sandy Springs area. I was referred to Dr. Aiken through my dentist, Dr. Lydia. We had a problem in my mouth where back behind the gums on the right side there had been an infection, so we were trying to figure out what was wrong, and I was referred here to figure out what was wrong and what needed to be don....


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