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The average mouth is big enough to house only 28 teeth, which accounts for all adult teeth up to the second molars. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that often cause a host of oral health issues because patients' mouth aren't big enough to allow for proper growth. When a mouth is too small to accommodate wisdom teeth, the molars typically grow in at an odd angle which threatens the health of your other teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause infection, the growth of cysts, and can even crowd your other teeth, forcing them into misalignment.

Early wisdom teeth removal can prevent all of these issues, and is as easy as visiting a qualified oral surgeon. When you come to Oral Surgery Specialists of Atlanta, our doctors will examine your condition and health history, evaluate the position of your wisdom teeth, and develop a personalized plan for extraction. Many of our wisdom teeth patients visited our office based on a referral from their dentist, so it's important to attend regular visits to your dentist to avoid issues caused by wisdom teeth. To hear more about wisdom teeth removal from our patients, please watch the videos below.


Jonathan’s Wisdom Teeth Removal in Atlanta, GA

The reason why I needed Dr. Aiken in Atlanta is because I had two wisdom teeth that were impacted. As soon as I came into his office, his staff was amazing. They were friendly and I just knew this place was the place for me. Having my procedure done with Dr. Aiken went very well. Dr. Aiken talked to me during the whole procedure. We laughed, and he's friendly, ....


Dr. Shessel Removed Gaye’s Son’s Wisdom Teeth in Atlanta, GA

I brought my son in to have his wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Drew Shessel. Dr. Shessel walked us through the entire process prior to the procedure — just explained exactly what he was going to do and explained the entire recovery process — but I was never nervous before, and I certainly wasn't nervous after. I would highly recommend sending anybody to Oral Surgery Specialists ....


Joe’s Wisdom Teeth Removal

I had one wisdom teeth out when I was 16, and I had three in since then, obviously, and my regular dentist had told me for about 15 years I needed to get them out at some point. Dr. Aiken was great. He was very informative, he explained everything, very warm, and put me at ease, and did a great, great job when I came in. Oh, everybody's very, very professional, very cordial, an....



Rosemary Had Her Wisdom Teeth Removed in Atlanta, GA

Hi, I'm Rosemary, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and a couple of months ago, I was in the need of an oral surgeon, and from the recommendation of my local dentist and some of my friends, I came in to see Dr. Aiken to have all of my wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Aiken and his staff made it as painless as possible. He even went as far as to follow up with me and my ....



Dr. Shessel Removed Mike’s Wisdom Teeth

I was one of those rare people who actually had all of his wisdom teeth. They got to a point where I knew I was going to have to start extracting each of them, one at a time. So I got a referral to Dr. Shessel, went and saw him, and he just did a great job with it. It was very smooth, really spent a lot more time with me than I thought physicians these days normally do with the....



Scott’s Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Atlanta, GA

My name is Scott, and I've lived here in Atlanta, GA my whole entire life so I've gotten the privilege to know Dr. Aiken. He's a wonderful oral surgery specialist here in Atlanta and was gracious enough to fit me into his busy schedule one day when I was sitting in a meeting and I was chewing on ice because my back tooth was hurting so bad, swollen up. I mean, ....


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