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Hello, I'm Dr. Charlie Arp. I have been practicing for 42 years. The total health of the patient is paramount. You have to consider what the patient's needs are not only dentally but health-wise and emotionally as well as aesthetically. So if I have a surgical need, my go-to team are Dr. Aiken and Dr. Berry. I have been working with this group for some 38 years. They have never let me down. The will take my patients when it may not be convenient. They will even come over to my office to help me make a diagnosis. They will even come to my office to help me craft a treatment plan. Patients remember that; patients appreciate that. Many times they've come in after hours or on holidays, so they're not just specialists on office hours. They agree with my philosophy of total patient care, and they are willing to deliver that care 24/7. Quality of care is just excellent. I get results from them that I have not been able to get from other referrals. I am sure that what I have asked to be done will be done unless they see a better way to do it, which I'm always open to. I love the give and take - academically and philosophically - with these two men. It's just been a very, very good relationship.

- Dr. Arp

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